"Stunning ... as cool a ride into the heart of the twisted US underground pop scene as you'll take all year."

Opening track "Let Down" was itself enough to send this writer into raptures ... but the great news is that the songs following in its wake continue to thrill.

PROVAN have unearthed that indefinable, alchemical X factor that all undeniably distinctive rock'n'roll units just seem to exude despite themselves. Make no mistake, The Conquering Pain Act is an absolute must have.

- Whisperin & Hollerin (Tim Peacock)

Read Tim's interview with Provan here.

"Punchy, catchy, literate, well-crafted pop, with cool guitar tones and lots of neat backup vocals."

I suspect everybody in this band has big record collections and good taste. I hear hints here of everything from Pavement to Squeeze to Weezer to Yo La Tengo and then some, although lead singer/guitarist [Joe Kelly] has a distinctive and pleasing voice all his own.

"Kid On A Stick" is the best song about a fan that I've ever heard. This is yummy but I wish there were more. Where have these guys been hiding? Surely not at home - how does a band this good not get noticed in Williamsburg?

- Jersey Beat (Jim Testa)

"PROVAN have one hell of a cool EP consisting of six tracks, each one a gem."

A four piece, the band's sound could easily draw a number of comparisons, but those who love the sound of Bob Mould's Sugar will have found another very good melodic rock replacement. Each of the songs here, especially that of the opening track "Superbuick" have a slightly off kilter groove that works so well. The sound is generally driven by a greatguitar section, but the vocals also assist in the very cool sound.Probably the song that most will identify with is the extremely poppy "She's In Demand"which would be a killer radio single, but I'd also have to say that I love both "Red Shirt" & "2000 Steps". With a wealth of musical experience behind them it's little wonder that the sound is so amazing.

- hEARd

"Provan ply you with juicy, melodic pop rock."

Best tracks for me are the opener, "Superbuick",a bouncy and tuneful pop feast, and"2000 Steps" with its great harmonies. When Provan up the pace I detect a touch of High Back Chairs in their sound, and that's a good thing in my book. There also nice chunky guitars that occasionally hint at the Promise Ring, but not too directly. Six solid tracks out of New York for the pop fiend in you. Give it a go.

- Collective (Andy Malcolm)

"A controlled pop record that shows mature restraint in the songwriting and slick, succulent vocals."

Provan adds all of the necessary ingredients to create a tasty pop rock EP full of chunky guitar, gritty rhythms and charming vocal melodies.

- Splendid (Andrew Magilow)

"Lots of catchy hooks and stick-in-yr-head melodies. A nice surprise from this new Brooklyn combo."

The sound is bright, trebly emo-pop.

- Jersey Beat (Jim Testa)

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