The Conquering Pain Act (2002)

The Conquering Pain Act is PROVAN’s second six-song EP.

Whereas their 1999 debut EP Act Like You’ve Been There Before represented the spirit of a band of wit and intelligence perfecting the three-minute pop song, The Conquering Pain Act demonstrates a band no less committed to their craft, but looking to deliver the goods on a much more visceral level. Rough and distressed; urgent and compelling; The Conquering Pain Act is a compilation of songs recorded largely under cover of darkness, in sporadic bursts and occasionally outside the boundary of law -- an exorcism through the medium of pop music.

Act Like You’ve Been There Before (1999)

PROVAN’s six song debut. Bright, disjointed guitar interplay and crisp, pop melodies.

Both available from Edna Records ($6 each, postage paid)
62 North 7th Street, #2L, Brooklyn, N Y 11211
tel. (718) 388-8854 or via e-mail from provan01@aol.com


John Hovorka and the Dawn of Mechanized Farming (2004)

Warped version of PROVAN rocks out with transplanted Boston rock legend John Hovorka.  Kinda like when Canned Heat backed up John Lee Hooker.

Available directly from Metal Snowball Records www.metalsnowball.com.



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